Si bine ca nu 300.

De vreo doua zile, in care nu am mai luat un sandvis de acasa, m-am luat dupa un coleg si cumpar hot-dogs de la o baraca fast-food. In general mai cumparam prostii de sandvisuri din alea la 5-6 lei. Aproape ca mancam paine goala, numai ca ma saturam mai bine dintr-o paine, care e un leu. In fine, astia’s 2 lei bucata, si din 2 ma satur pana pe la pranz, adica numa’ bine.

Azi dimineata am mers la respectiva baraca si m-am asezat la coada (e vestita). Spatiul in sine de servire e destul de mic, mare parte din ea fiind ocupata cu bucataria. Incap vreo 4-5 oameni ingramaditi. In fata mea inca 2. Trec vreo 5 minute (in care incep sa inghet). Nu iese nimeni. Mai trec 5. Tot nicio miscare. Dupa alte cateva minute ies doi, si intra cei din fata mea. Intr-un final ajung si eu inauntru, un pic enervat de ‘rapiditatea’ preluarii comenzilor. Nu dupa mult timp, insa, ii aflu motivul. Un grasun la 1 metru juma’ astepta cu gura pana la urechi sa i se predea produsele. 100 de hot-dogs. Eu cred ca ajunsesem pe la al 10-15-lea.

Dupa ce termina vanzatoarea de umplut o ditai punga, omu’ mai cere, numarandu-si linistit banii, inca vreo nustu ce/cate sandvisuri.

Deh.. ghinion de nesansa, cum zicea nustu cine.



..care se refera la hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy, si vrea sa spuna, intr-un mod cat se poate de elocvent, ca in continuare eu voi copy/paste-ui o bucata de text din aceasta carte, in care este relatata o povestioara in spiritul intregii carti.

Asa ca, fara sa ma mai intind cu prezentari impertinente, here it is:

„I’ll tell you a story,” said Arthur.
They found a patch of grass which was relatively free of  couples actually  lying  on  top  of  each  other and sat and watched the stunning ducks and the low sunlight rippling on the  water  which ran beneath the stunning ducks. „A story,” said Fenchurch, cuddling his arm to her. „Which will tell you something of the sort of things that  happen
to me. It’s absolutely true.” „You know sometimes people tell you stories that are supposed  to be  something that happened to their wife’s cousin’s best friend, but actually probably got made up somewhere along the line.”  „Well, it’s like one of those stories, except that it actually happened, and I know it actually happened, because the person it actually happened to was me.”
„Like the raffle ticket.”
Arthur laughed. „Yes. I had a train to catch,”  he went  on. „I arrived at the station …”
„Did I ever tell you,” interrupted Fenchurch, „what happened to my parents in a station?”
„Yes,” said Arthur, „you did.”
„Just checking.”

Arthur glanced at his watch. „I suppose we could think of getting back,” he said. „Tell me the story,” said Fenchurch firmly. „You arrived  at the station.” „I was about twenty minutes early. I’d got the time of the train wrong. I suppose it is at least equally possible,” he added after a moment’s reflection, „that British Rail had got the time of the train wrong. Hadn’t occurred to me before.”
„Get on with it.” Fenchurch laughed.
„So I bought a newspaper, to do the crossword, and went to the buffet to get a cup of coffee.”
„You do the crossword?”
„Which one?”
„The Guardian usually.”
„I think it tries to be too cute. I prefer the Times. Did you solve it?”
„The crossword in the Guardian.”
„I haven’t had a chance to look at it  yet,” said  Arthur, „I’m still trying to buy the coffee.”
„All right then. Buy the coffee.”
„I’m buying it. I am also,” said Arthur, „buying some biscuits.” „What sort?” „Rich Tea.” „Good choice.”
„I like them. Laden with all these new possessions, I go and sit at a table. And don’t ask me what the table was like because this was some time ago and I can’t remember. It was probably round.”
„All right.”
„So let me give you the layout. Me sitting at the table. On my left, the newspaper. On my right, the cup of coffee. In the middle of the table, the packet of biscuits.”
„I see it perfectly.”
„What you don’t see,” said Arthur, „because I haven’t mentioned him yet, is the guy sitting at the table already. He is sitting there opposite me.”
„What’s he like?”
„Perfectly ordinary. Briefcase. Business suit. He didn’t look,” said Arthur, „as if he was about to do anything weird.”
„Ah. I know the type. What did he do?”
„He did this. He leaned across the table, picked up the packet of biscuits, tore it open, took one out, and …”
„Ate it.”
„He ate it.”
Fenchurch looked at him in astonishment. „What on Earth did you do?”
„Well, in the circumstances I did what any red-blooded Englishman would do. I was compelled,” said Arthur, „to ignore it.”
„What? Why?”
„Well, it’s not the sort of thing you’re trained for is it? I searched my soul, and discovered that there was nothing anywhere in my upbringing, experience or even primal instincts to tell  me how to react to someone who has quite simply, calmly, sitting right there in front of me, stolen one of my biscuits.”
„Well, you could …” Fenchurch thought about it. „I must say I’m not sure what I would have done either. So what happened?”
„I stared furiously at the crossword,” said Arthur. „Couldn’t do a single clue, took a sip of coffee, it was too hot to drink, so there was nothing for it. I braced myself. I took a biscuit, trying very hard not to notice,” he added, „that the packet was already mysteriously open …”
„But you’re fighting back, taking a tough line.”
„After my fashion,  yes. I ate the biscuit. I ate it very deliberately and visibly, so that he would have no doubt as to what it was I was doing. When I eat a biscuit,” Arthur said,  „it stays eaten.”
„So what did he do?”
„Took another one. Honestly,” insisted Arthur, „this is exactly what happened. He took another biscuit, he ate it. Clear as daylight. Certain as we are sitting on the ground.” Fenchurch stirred uncomfortably. „And the problem was,” said Arthur, „that having not said anything the first time, it was somehow even more difficult to broach the subject the second time around. What do you say? `Excuse me … I couldn’t help noticing, er …’ Doesn’t work. No, I ignored  it with, if anything, even more vigour than previously.”
„My man …”

„Stared at the crossword, again, still couldn’t budge a bit of it, so showing some of the spirit that Henry V did on StCrispin’s Day …”


„I went into the breach again. I took,” said Arthur, „another biscuit. And for an instant our eyes met.” „Like this?” „Yes, well, no, not quite like that. But they met. Just for an instant. And we both looked away. But I am here to tell you,” said Arthur, „that there was a little  electricity in the air. There was a little tension building up over the table. At about this time.”
„I can imagine.”
„We went through the whole packet like this.  Him,  me,  him,  me …”
„The whole packet?”
„Well it was only eight biscuits but it seemed like a lifetime of biscuits we were getting through at this point. Gladiators could hardly have had a tougher time.”
„Gladiators,” said Fenchurch, „would have had to do it in the sun. More physically gruelling.”
„There is that. So. When the empty packet was lying dead between us the man at last got up, having done his worst, and left. I heaved a sigh of relief, of course. As it happened, my train was announced a moment or two later, so I finished my coffee, stood up, picked up the newspaper, and underneath the newspaper …”
„Were my biscuits.”
„What?” said Fenchurch. „What?”
„No!” She gasped and tossed herself back on the grass laughing.
She sat up again.
„You completely nitwit,” she hooted, „you almost completely and utterly foolish person.”

mda.. si tocmai ajunsesem la victoriei, metrou, cand am terminat de citit, si abia puteam sa-mi controlez rasu’. Imi venea sa ma tavalesc pe jos de ras. Quite difficult!


M-am hotarat sa mai ‘actualizez’ informatiile de pe-aici. Din pacate, de cate ori ma simt cum ca as mai avea ceva de spus, pentru mine sau altii, nu ma gasesc in preajma calculatorului, asa ca e un pic fortata situatia de fata. In general am probleme cu introducerea, si pe masura ce scriu, imi mai vin idei. Acum, de exemplu, mi-am adus aminte ca am citit de curand niste scurte.. mesaje de jurnal, ca sa zic asa. Nu am/ avut jurnal, doar ca mai scriam una alta, mici insemnari, ca-ntr-un astfel de blog, cu scopul de a reciti ulterior. M-am amuzat :D. Fusesera scrise in urma cu 6, 7.. poate chiar 8 ani. Am observat ca nu mi-am schimbat modul de gandire prea mult, atat doar ca, parca, nu mai sunt chiar asa de.. idiot. Nu am de gand sa scriu aici ce am scris acolo deja, asa ca.. mai departe.

Am votat. Cu Basescu. Ma tot gandesc daca are vreun rost/efect. Nu am simtit niciodata ca am un cuvant de spus in ceea ce priveste ce se intampla in jurul meu, in tara, asa ca.. in fine.

Am revizitat cu ocazia respectiva Regia. Nu s-a schimbat prea mult. Nici nu ma asteptam la schimbari. Era un ditamai afisu de la PSD promovandu-l pe Geoana. Vanghelie arata in respectiva poza ca un retardat. Nu inteleg daca a fost gandita asa sau pur si simplu li se rupe.

Am votat, de asemenea, cu reducerea numarului de parlamentari. Un coleg imi spunea ca nu am gandit asa de bine. Daca am scurtat macaroana, cei tineri nu mai au sanse sa se afirme din cauza vechiturilor bine infipte in scaunele lor de deputati/senatori. Poate are dreptate, dar odata si-odata tot mor, da-i in..

Recitesc o carte, in drumu’ catre serviciu si inapoi, Ghidul autostopistului galactic. Inca nu sunt convins de 42.


Am dat peste o lista de intrebari care ar.. elibera mintea.

Cea care mi-a atras atentia in mod deosebit este la numarul 29: Do you remember that time 5 years ago when you were extremely upset?  Does it really matter now?
De obicei, daca dau peste o intrebare care ma forteaza un pic catre introspectie, undeva in firul gandurilor trebuie sa ating si notiunea de.. relativism. Mai sus e mai degraba efemeritate, insa, asta este mana’n-mana cu ‘totul este relativ’, iar in cazul asta, relativ la un sistem de referinta mai nou :D. Ei.. intrebarile astea de mai sus exact la asta se refera. Incerc, in general, sa tin cont de asta cand se mai aprind spiritele; rata succeselor este din ce in ce mai mare :). Problema este ca, parca si placiditatea asta nu trebuie dusa la extrem, altfel se ajunge la nepasare. Si asta e suita de intrebari care ma deranjeaza pe mine: pana cand iti pastrezi calmul? cand este cazul sa actionezi? cum e cel mai bine sa actionezi?

In fine. Intrebarile din link-ul de mai sus sunt destul de.. profunde. Merita citite/puse/repuse.


Il pun aici ca sa imi aduc aminte de el cand si cand..

„Who has never killed an hour? Not casually or without thought, but carefully: a premeditated murder of minutes. The violence comes from a combination of giving up, not caring, and a resignation that getting past it is all you can hope to accomplish. So you kill the hour. You do not work, you do not read, you do not daydream. If you sleep it is not because you need to sleep. And when at last it is over, there is no evidence: no weapon, no blood, and no body. The only clue might be the shadows beneath your eyes or a terribly thin line near the corner of your mouth indicating something has been suffered, that in the privacy of your life you have lost something and the loss is too empty to share.”
Mark Z. Danielewski (House of Leaves)


I am a:

Neutral Good Human Druid/Sorcerer (2nd/1st Level)

Ability Scores:
Strength- 17
Dexterity- 15
Constitution- 12
Intelligence- 16
Wisdom- 15
Charisma- 12

Neutral Good- A neutral good character does the best that a good person can do. He is devoted to helping others. He works with kings and magistrates but does not feel beholden to them. Neutral good is the best alignment you can be because it means doing what is good without bias for or against order. However, neutral good can be a dangerous alignment because it advances mediocrity by limiting the actions of the truly capable.

Humans are the most adaptable of the common races. Short generations and a penchant for migration and conquest have made them physically diverse as well. Humans are often unorthodox in their dress, sporting unusual hairstyles, fanciful clothes, tattoos, and the like.

Primary Class:
Druids- Druids gain power not by ruling nature but by being at one with it. They hate the unnatural, including aberrations or undead, and destroy them where possible. Druids receive divine spells from nature, not the gods, and can gain an array of powers as they gain experience, including the ability to take the shapes of animals. The weapons and armor of a druid are restricted by their traditional oaths, not simply training. A druid’s Wisdom score should be high, as this determines the maximum spell level that they can cast.

Secondary Class:
Sorcerers- Sorcerers are arcane spellcasters who manipulate magic energy with imagination and talent rather than studious discipline. They have no books, no mentors, no theories just raw power that they direct at will. Sorcerers know fewer spells than wizards do and acquire them more slowly, but they can cast individual spells more often and have no need to prepare their incantations ahead of time. Also unlike wizards, sorcerers cannot specialize in a school of magic. Since sorcerers gain their powers without undergoing the years of rigorous study that wizards go through, they have more time to learn fighting skills and are proficient with simple weapons. Charisma is very important for sorcerers; the higher their value in this ability, the higher the spell level they can cast.

Detailed Results:

Lawful Neutral – XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (16)
Lawful Evil –– XXXXXXX (7)
Neutral Evil –- XXXXXXXXXXX (11)
Chaotic Evil –- XXXXXXXXXXX (11)

Law & Chaos:
Law –– XXXXX (5)
Neutral – XXXXXXXXX (9)
Chaos – XXXXXXXXX (9)

Good & Evil:
Neutral – XXXXXXXXXXX (11)
Evil –- XX (2)

Dwarf –- XXXXXXXX (8)
Elf –– XXXXXX (6)
Gnome –- XXXXXXXX (8)
Halfling – XXXXXXXX (8)
Half-Elf – XXXXXXXXXXXX (12)
Half-Orc – XXXX (4)

Barbarian – (-4)
Bard –– (-8)
Cleric –- (-4)
Druid –– XXXX (4)
Fighter – (0)
Monk –– (-13)
Paladin – (-21)
Ranger –- XXXX (4)
Rogue –– (-4)
Sorcerer – XXXX (4)
Wizard –- (0)

..rezultat de aici